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The “godfather” SDN controller


With all the buzz about Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization I figured I’d put a post up giving some explanation on how the network is actually “virtualized” as a resource and what controls it (the SDN controller)

As you may know now Nicira the network virtualization startup and maintainer of OpenVSwitch has been bought by VMWare for 1.26B had given precedence in the field that NV is around to stay. Other companies like BigSwitch, NEC, HP, and IBM (other as well I did not mention) are all joining the industry with their own SDN Controllers. They will all essentially do most of the same core things following the openflow spec as is keeps evolving over time.

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Some of the great things network virtualization, SDN and applications on top of a logical network infrastructure provides are isolation, innovation, vendor agnosticism, centralization, public / private cloud integration and much more. I hope to discuss specific NV technologies, theories and test cases.


Check out Founder  and CTO of Nicira Netoworks Martin Casado’s site for a good source in specific technologies surrounding this area.

Also stop by BigSwitch’s Floodlight Controller developer and informational site for more information

vagrant development environment

image courtesy of is home of a powerful and neat new tool built on top of Oracle’s Virtualbox.

If you a developer and you haven’t heard of Vagrant then it is time for you to get familiar with  this tool. Vagrant appeals to the developer because of it’s easily to deploy VM’s that are configurable based on your individual, team, group or companies needs. Running through their tutorial on how to get started with vagrant is a good way to see the basic gist of what vagrant is. After you run through this tutorial, if your a web developer you will immediately see its use cases.

Because vagrant is built on top of Oracle’s Virtualbox it follows the “standing on the shoulders of giants” cliché, but this doesn’t hurt Vagrant at all since Virtualbox isn’t going anywhere and it well known virtualization software in the development realm. Vagrant appeals to the developer and to the enterprise development teams because of its power to centralize and control development environments.