Welcome to au courant technology “aware of technology”, this is a web blog about new, interesting, and up-and-coming technologies. Posts will range from web frameworks, to cloud and data center technologies. Some other “jazz” will probably be thrown in the middle.

My name is Ryan Wallner and I’ve grown to love all things technology. I live in Boston, MA and have Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and IT Systems and plan on continuing with a master’s degree in Software Engineering (current on hiatus after 12 credits towards my MSE). I have had the pleasure of working for Container Data Management startup ClusterHQ as a Developer and Advocate,  Advanced Research and Development at EMC and Research & Development at IBM. During my undergrad studies I worked on a predictive analytic modeling for detecting defects in the z/OS platform. I also spent most of my time designing, implementing and testing an OpenFlow development lab hosted at Marist College’s ECRL (Enterprise Computing Research Lab). My time working with EMC has been spent prototyping new technologies on a cloud based multi-tenant architectures like Docker, LXC, Openstack and Amazon AWS and other public and private cloud platforms. At ClusterHQ I have spend time developing solutions, writing blogs, speaking at events and meet ups and acting as a solutions and support engineer (startups need many hats).

I hope that this blog will let ideas, news, topics in technology become visible to others and to give myself a chance to review what the specific technology is about. I would love conversation and references to current blog posts or topics you would like to be covered as well.



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